KASTBERGADVOKAT is your sounding board for legal and commercial considerations. We work closely together so that you can focus on your core business.


KASTBERGADVOKAT is your sounding board for legal and commercial considerations. We work closely with you so that you can focus on your core business.
KASTBERGADVOKAT offers qualified advice on most issues that arise in a company’s daily activities, such as dispute resolution, organisational and corporate law issues. KASTBERGADVOKAT also provides advice on the establishment of companies, company transfers, capital procurement, board assignments, handling of registration cases or shareholder agreements.

Commercial agreements

KASTBERGADVOKAT assists you in reviewing, negotiating and drafting all types of commercial agreements, such as cooperation agreements, joint ventures, agent, distribution and license agreements, sales or purchase agreements.
KASTBERGADVOKAT offers qualified advice on most issues that can arise during the assistance of both national and international clients in a variety of industries. With strategic and well-written agreements, we can strengthen your collaborations or avoid conflicts and problems.

Intellectual Property and Marketing Law

KASTBERGADVOKAT offers qualified advice on intellectual property and marketing law and helps you protect and commercialize rights, analyse legality in marketing, or take legal actions against infringement. Intellectual property rights are the most important asset to companies in the media and entertainment industry, for innovative companies and technology and digital companies. A well-considered IP strategy is often a prerequisite for successfully commercializing and exploiting rights.
KASTBERGADVOKAT has extensive experience in negotiating and establishing complex multi-party agreements in copyright, design law and trademark law such as license agreements, co-production agreements or distribution agreements.

Film and media

KASTBERGADVOKAT has extensive knowledge and experience in helping clients in the advertising, television and film industry. The agency’s customers include many of our notable personalities and companies in the advertising and entertainment sector. To be successful and extend your film’s reach internationally, it’s important that you think strategically about agreements and rights from the start. The same applies to games, apps and digital services.
KASTBERGADVOKAT will assist you in agreements with authors, financiers, co-producers or distributors, as well as reviewing the legality of the film’s content and determining the film’s chain of title.


Jennie Kastberg

Jennie Kastberg has provided qualified business legal advice for over fifteen years; a background that implies knowledge and experience with both breadth and depth. She is primarily specialized in commercial contract law, as well as media and intellectual property rights. Jennie also has extensive experience in dispute resolution. She works with Swedish and international clients within a number of sectors with a special focus on media and entertainment.
Jennie has many years of experience in negotiating, establishing and reviewing complex multi-party agreements and provides ongoing business consultation in all legal issues arising from business transactions and collaborations, such as licensing agreements, co-production agreements, distribution agreements and legal strategies.
For over fifteen years, Jennie has assisted filmmakers and film producers, many of whom have had great success both nationally and internationally. She has long been assisting foreign companies that want to establish themselves in Sweden.
Jennie regularly lectures on intellectual property and commercial contract law at, for example, Lund University. Jennie has been a lawyer since 2008.









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